The Benefits Of An Intraoral Camera Are Numerous & Impactful

When you’re not able to feel or see a dental issue developing, how can you be sure there’s a problem? It’s this challenge that prompted dental researchers to develop and create a simple solution that would enable patients to see what the dentist sees. Enter the intraoral camera!

A tiny camera positioned at the tip of a wand, it can be moved into almost any location of your mouth to capture images of your gums, teeth, and tissues. And because it shows images in real-time, it enables us to show you our findings on our chairside monitors. The camera also includes LED lighting and a magnifying feature for improved visual display.

What types of findings might we highlight?

  • plaque development and buildup
  • inflamed gums and/or gum disease
  • fractured teeth and failing restorations
  • mouth lesions
  • and more!

What are the benefits of intraoral cameras:

  1. They enable our team to build on our already thorough patient record files since findings can be saved and referred to on an ongoing basis.
  2. They are incredibly helpful for dental specialist referrals since images help these experts assess your case before meeting you.
  3. They’re an insurance company favorite! Intraoral camera images are useful when insurance providers request clarification on a suggested treatment or claim, and particularly in situations when the care is more complicated.

The benefits of intraoral cameras are numerous! Call us at Elite Dental today to schedule an appointment to have any concerns you may have examined.


Call Us About An Intraoral Camera Today

  • Offers an in-depth view of overall oral health
  • Captures images of difficult-to-reach areas
  • Allows for oral cancer symptoms to be quickly located
  • Assists your dentist in seeing areas not visible to the naked eye
  • Is pain-free and offers results immediately.

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