Digital X-Rays: Your Dental Detective

While each of the tools utilized in dentistry are effective and useful, radiography – otherwise known as the x-ray – may be deemed one of the most beneficial by many dental professionals.

Acting as a “dental detective,” it zeroes in on what the naked eye isn’t able to see, revealing decay that hides between teeth, under fillings and caps, and below the gumline. This technology can also highlight bone loss that’s initiated by gum disease, cysts, abscesses, tumors, and it can also detect early signs of cancer.

X-rays have been an integral part of dentistry for decades and these images allow us, your dentist in Wheaton or Takoma Park, to diagnose and treat problems as soon as they’re noticed. Without this amazing technology, it would be impossible for our team to see in and between your teeth, as these areas are not visible during a routine dental exam.

Here are a few facts about this incredible technology:

  • Digital x-rays release a special low-level radiation that’s likened to the type of radiation received from the earth’s crust, the sun, various foods, and even the air we breathe.
  • They don’t require chemical film processing, so…
    • harmful environmental waste isn’t an issue
    • results are immediate
    • enlargement is easy
    • they can be used as teaching aids, helping us to highlight and discuss our findings with you
    • easily emailed to your insurance company.


How are digital x-rays taken?

The process is very similar to have a traditional film x-ray taken. We’ll move the machine to the necessary position required to capture specific areas of your mouth.

In summary, digital radiography is fast, accurate, efficient, and safe to use. If you have questions related to this technology, call us at Elite Dental today!


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