Dental Bonding Boosts Your Smile Strategy

Are you looking to update or improve the appearance or one or more minorly damaged, misshapen, or stained teeth? Dental bonding may be your perfect solution!

Crafted with a durable plastic resin, this material is perfectly matched to the natural shade of your teeth and offers them a quick, rejuvenating effect. At Elite Dental, we know that this convenient and efficient treatment can update smiles easily and effectively.

What does the bonding process entail?

The process depends on tooth or teeth you’d like to have bonded. In the simplest of cases, your dentist will select the material that is closest to your natural tooth shade, apply a conditioning liquid to the required areas (this is what ensures that the resin bonds to your tooth properly), and then apply the resin as needed. They’ll then use a bright light to harden it in place before smoothing and polishing the area, ensuring that it looks and feels great.

In cases where freezing your tooth is necessary – this applies if the area to be bonded is near a nerve, if bonding material will be used to fill a cavity, or if the tooth requires a drill to change its shape – anesthetic will be applied before the process above begins.

What kind of maintenance do bonded teeth require?

To best care for teeth that have received bonding treatment, you should avoid damaging habits that include chewing your fingernails, biting on ice, and opening bags with your teeth. Minimizing your consumption of staining foods and drinks is also wise.

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  • Heighten your smile confidence
  • Hide minor stains and chips
  • Address issues with tooth decay
  • Fill unwanted gaps between teeth
  • Protect tooth roots that have exposed by gum recession.

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