Oral Cancer Warning Signs You Need To Know

While an average of over 56,000 North Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, approximately 11,000 people will die because of it. As with all types of cancer, the best course of action is to catch and treat the disease early on to increase your chances of survival.

Where does oral cancer form?

The soft tissues of the mouth, including the cheeks, tonsils, tongue, soft palate, lips, pharynx, and salivary glands are all areas oral cancer symptoms can present themselves in and on.

What are some common symptoms to look for?

  • bleeding or feelings of numbness in the mouth or neck area
  • red or white mouth patches
  • swollen lumps in the mouth/on the gums
  • sores that don’t heal after two weeks
  • difficulty swallowing, chewing, or moving the jaw
  • a cough that doesn’t disappate
  • ear pain
  • changes in the tone of the voice (hoarseness)
  • breathing issues
  • changes in how teeth fit together.

Any and all changes that occur in your mouth and surrounding area should not be overlooked. Should you develop any symptoms that are not typical for you, call us, your dentist in Wheaton & Takoma Park, right away.

Who is at risk of developing oral cancer?

Here a few statistics to keep in mind:

  • the average age for diagnosis is 62
  • approximately 25% of cases develop in those under age 55
  • men are twice as likely to be diagnosed as women
  • it’s the eighth most common cancer in men
  • when caught early, the five-year survival rate is 84%
  • if the cancer metastasizes, the five-year survival rate drops to 39%.


How do I request an oral cancer screening?

At Elite Dental, screening for oral cancer is an integral component of our treatment process. If you have a concern you’d like us to assess, call us today!


Get In Touch With Us About An Oral Cancer Screening Today

  • Assess mouth abnormalities quickly
  • Determine whether sores, patches, bumps, and other symptoms are of concern
  • Treat developments early on
  • Receive a referral to a specialist, if needed
  • Drastically improve your chances of survival by acting quickly.

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